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Employee Name: Reginald Role: Office Administrator / H.R.

Hello, I go by Reggie.  I was hired on after completing my Medical assistant externship with Mobile Doctor.  After spending years in the Retail sector, It was time for me to move into a new direction.  My decision was either in the medical field, which I always had an interest in, or in the culinary arts.  I wouldn’t be able to handle the kitchen heat, so I decided on the medical field where I could be a big part of the care for people.  I still love and have a passion for cooking up culinary delights, it will always be a hobby.  So I’m feeding the souls of people instead of their bellies.  I was hired in May of 2014, and have enjoyed my time with the patients, vendors, and the rest of the staff, my work family.  I was hired on as a medical assistant after graduating from Kaplan university here in North San Diego County.  During my time here, I’ve taken on the role of Lab Coordinator, wrote or rewrote protocols, updated forms for the practice, and now have taken on the role as the Office Administrator H.R.  I look forward to continuing my service with Mobile Doctor and the community.


Employee Name: Celina Role: Practice Administrator

Hello my name is Celina! I am currently the Practice Administrator for Mobile Doctor Medical Clinic. I am  responsible for supervising all staff, ensuring compliance with regulations, managing the revenue cycle and payer contracts, and helping to oversee the security procedures that guard the private information of the business and its patients. I have been with the company for 10+ years and have had the opportunity to ascend in position from being hired on as medical records. I chose this career field because I enjoy helping others! In my free time I enjoy relaxing and going out with my family.


Employee name: Daisey Role: Billing

Hi, My name is Daisey.  I’ve been working here at Rancho Santa Fe Medical Group since August 2020 in the billing department.  I got hired right after I completed my externship as an MAA, and since then I have learned and obtained so much knowledge that will allow me to be successful within my career.  I have always been a very passionate and dedicated person when it comes to furthering my education, so just last year I graduated February 2022 earning my Associates Degree in Healthcare Administration.  I hope to always continue to push myself in both my personal and professional careers and demonstrate that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.


Employee Name: Arlindo (AL) Role: Radiology / X-ray technologist

I’m Arlindo Cruz, I come from the Philippines.  Before coming here, I worked in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Libya.  I decided to visit the U.S.A., in search of greener pastures.  I came here on a tourist visa, and decided to make this my home.  I’m an X-ray technologist, also called a radiologist or Rad Tech.  I use medical imaging equipment to precure images of soft tissue, organs, and bones. I met my now ex-wife in a nursing home, where she worked, we fell in love, and have a wonderful daughter. I love spending time with my daughter, and traveling to the philippines.


Employee Name: Genesis Role: Referral Coordinator

Hello, my name is Genesis.  After traveling the United States for 6 months, I have found myself at Mobile Doctor as the Referral Coordinator.  I have my BA in criminology and justice studies and a background as a case manager for juveniles.  On the weekends, you can find me at a local coffee shop, at the dog beach with my schnauzer or I will be spending time at home baking.  If you call the office and I am not on the other end, it’s because I am traveling somewhere new. 😉


Employee Name:  Brenda Role: Receptionist



Employee Name:  Julia Role: Billing Supervisor

My name is Julia, and I am the billing Supervisor.  I started at Mobile Doctor as a billing intern and was hired upon graduation.  I attended St. Cloud State University (Minnesosta), and Palomar College, where I have a degree in accounting.  I’ve been at Mobile Doctor for almost 5 years now and am expecting baby #2 early 2023.  On the weekends I play the role of soccer mom, uber mom, and cheering on my daughters club soccer team.  When not traveling for weekend soccer tournaments, I enjoy trying new food and looking for local hidden gem restaurants to visit.  I enjoy cooking gourmet dinners at home with my partner, spending time on our family boat, and beach days.



Employee Name: Daisy Role: Medical Assistant

Hello, My name is Daisy, I’m currently a Medical Assistant at Mobile Doctor.  I came to be a Medical Assistant, because I wanted something in my career that is interesting, challenging, and makes a difference in people’s lives on a daily basis.  Working for Mobile Doctor has given me the opportunities and skills to become the best M.A., as well as a better individual.  I look forward to seeing what my future holds for me while I work here.


Employee Name: Laurie Role: Medical Records/File Clerk

Hello, my name is Laurie. I have been working in Medical Records for over 20 years in the North County San Diego area. I recently joined the team here at Rancho Santa Fe Medical Group/Mobile Doctor as the Medical Records/file clerk. I am responsible for processing any outgoing record requests that are submitted to RSFMG. I am also responsible for the handling of the records within the office. I have two fantastic children. The oldest, my daughter, lives in Northern California. She is getting her credentials to become a teacher. The youngest, my son, recently graduated high school and is still deciding where his path is taking him. I am an animal lover and have two dogs at home. I enjoy reading and spending time with my family and friends at live concerts or outdoor shows and festivals. Anytime I get to spend with people I care about is time that I enjoy.


Employee Name: Vivian Role: Chronic Care Management (CCM) / Scheduler


My name is Vivian, I've been  working for Rancho Santa Fe Medical Group for 10 years now.  My current role with the practice is Chronic care management and scheduler.  Since I relocated,  I currently work remotely.  I’ve been a Medical Assistant for 4 years, promoted as a HR Manager for 3 years with Rancho Santa Fe Medical Group. My passion and value is working with people, coworkers, patients, providing guidance and support to achieve positive results. My personal interest is hiking as well as continuing my medical skills in which I’ve learned, taking it a step further in which I  achieve and am currently a licensed EMT.